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Are you ready to give your skin a re-boot?

Introducing three signature treatments you can’t leave Rutland without! Jetpeel Facials , Reshape and PDO Threads are three revolutionary treatments that will have even your closest friends doing a double take. 

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You’ve already had a ton of facials, but have you ever had a Jetpeel facial?

This is the latest in cutting-edge skincare technology. The Jetpeel is a special instrument that is designed to give your skin the glow it needs!

This Breakthrough Touch-free and Needle-free Transdermal Infusion Technology is ready to exfoliate, oxygenate, and nourish your skin.

The Jetpeel facial is like a chemical peel, all natural hydrodermabrasion, and anti-aging treatment all in one. And the best part?

No down time! This facial is completely painless, leaves zero ‘skin-print’ and won’t cause any redness or irritation. Is this the facial of your dreams? Yes.

Jetpeel acne treatment, immediately after first session.

Jetpeel with vitamin booster.

What makes the Jetpeel facial so unique is its Jetstream of microdroplets. It combines oxygen and liquid with enough velocity to exfoliate the skin, but enough gentleness not to irritate it. You can use the Jetpeel facial when you are looking for: 


  • Skin brightening 
  • Wrinkle Reduction 
  • Hydration Treatment 
  • Lymphatic Drainage 
  • Skin Tightening 
  • And more! 

How will you look after your Jetpeel facial? Like you’re glowing. An even better question is how will you feel? Simply radiant.

Getting the proper hydration and nutrients is vital to your skin. After your Jetpeel facial, you will not only look amazing, but feel amazing too!

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What is Reshape?

Reshape is the non-invasive contouring treatment you’ve been wanting…you just didn’t know the name for it! Looking to smooth and sculpt your body in a way that exercise just can’t?

Reshape is the answer for cellulite reduction and tightening. This groundbreaking treatment also offers body contouring and is gentle enough for facial contouring as well.

Reshape uses heat on your skin’s underlying collagen and elastin fibers in order to increase the metabolic rate of subcutaneous tissue. What does all of that mean? 

Lips – Immediately after the treatment with Reshape

Eyes and Nasolabial Treatment

It means that after your Reshape treatment, you can walk away with firmer, thicker and more elastic skin! The best areas of the body for Reshape to target are the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

Have a more sensitive area that needs a little TLC? Reshape is also great for improving the appearance of the chin, neck, underarms and thighs.

Reshape is a dynamic body and facial contouring solution! And you know what goes perfectly with your Reshape appointment? PDO Threads!

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Have You Tried PDO Threads? 

Finally, a nonsurgical approach to give you results like a face lift… except this is a thread lift! PDO threads is a non-invasive treatment that pulls up the skin which allows the face to be lifted and tightened.

The results are very similar to a facelift, minus the surgery and hefty price tag! PDO Threads also are great for anti-aging, because it inspires collagen to immediately target the healing areas.

Increased collagen plays a very important role in the anti-aging process. This results in firmer and younger looking skin, every time.

While in Rutland, if you’re looking for a couple of quick and easy treatments to have you looking and feeling your best, Reshape and PDO Threads are the perfect combo! But that’s not all we have to offer…

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Fillers, Anyone?

Want a little more? We also offer injectables such as Botox, Zeomin, and Juveaux! At Stay Beautiful Med Spa, we are a highly qualified medical provider and hire only the best.

Our only goal is for you to look natural and youthful. Like you just woke up from your best sleep…looking a few years younger! 

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Okay, what could be better than booking yourself a Jetpeel facial, Reshape, PDO Threads or Fillers?  How about combining your facial with our signature Laser Hair Removal treatments? 

Stop shaving and start saving time. Get the smooth look you want, from a treatment that lasts! At Stay Beautiful Med Spa, we get rid of unwanted hair from even your most sensitive areas. Our laser hair removal is safe and works for all skin tones. Not only is our laser hair removal safe, but it is painless too! Who says you have to suffer for beauty? Our goal is to always provide treatments that make you look and feel amazing. 

 After only a handful of laser hair removal treatments, and you can kiss that unwanted hair goodbye for good! At Stay Beautiful SPA, we can conduct laser hair removal on any area of the body you wish. It’s time to indulge in some self-care! Come to Stay Beautiful Med Spa and pamper yourself and your skin. Get our Jetpeel Facial and stay for some state of the art laser hair removal. 

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Come & Enjoy Our Relaxing Atmosphere

We always believe in safety first and are sure to have a thorough conversation before any procedure. This allows us to identify your goals and give you the best options possible! Come and enjoy our relaxing atmosphere. Think of Stay Beautiful Med Spa as your beauty vacation! You’re only going to be in Rutland for so long… why not make the most of your stay?

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